Front Panel Markings

front panel marking, front panel markings

The front panel of a device and the quality of the markings on it are highly important factors for the user. If the quality of the markings is low, an aspect that is normally taken for granted becomes a significant nuisance that hinders the proper use of the device.

Tekniseri’s experience is also evident in front panel markings. The application, conditions and users of each device are taken into account when selecting the printing method, which ensures that the markings are both impressive and durable. Tekniseri applies front panel markings with the traditional screen printing or tampo printing method. The front panel markings that are printed on plastic products with the tampo printing method are extremely resistant to mechanical wear and solvents.

Information and colour to front panels

When printing front plates, Tekniseri takes into account each customer’s knowledge of its own product and the product’s purpose of use, and applies its technical expertise in printing to ensure the best possible result. The clarity of the front plate markings, the contrast against the front plate’s background colour, the implementation of each company’s visual scheme – Tekniseri’s experts know the correct and most practical solution for all purposes. If necessary, Tekniseri will also assist and guide customers in creating their own design so that no compromise is necessary in terms of the final quality of the front plate markings.

High-quality markings for front plates

Uneven or curved surfaces, for example, are no obstacle to creating a high-quality front plate marking, as the tampo printing method enables printing on these types surfaces as well. Screen printing, in turn, is still excellent for printing flat surfaces, which is also true with regard to front plate markings. The common denominator between both printing methods is Tekniseri’s impeccably precise end result.

Front plates in use around the world

Many significant companies around the world rely on the quality of Tekniseri’s front plate markings. As our customer, you will never pay for test runs, as our quality and experience are constantly tested in a variety practical environments and purposes with excellent results. This is also reflected in our long-lasting customer relationships.

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