Industrial Warning Label

Adhensive labels and Industrial warning label

The raw material most commonly used in the screen printing or digital printing of warning labels is environmentally-friendly polyester. The material of the sticker is selected to meet the requirements of the application. Visually, the warning labels adhere to the colours and shapes specified in official regulations or guidelines.

Environmental warning labels

Tekniseri prints warning labels mostly on polyester, which is an environmentally-friendly material. In addition, polyester as a material is perfectly suited to environments where the label is subjected to wear: polyester can withstand abrasion, sunlight, solvents and detergents.

Precise screen-printed warning labels

Screen-printed warning labels accurately duplicate the colours and shapes defined by our customers or official regulations. The colours used for the screen printing are defined in accordance with a case-specific design, and Tekniseri’s precise method ensures that even minute, yet important, details of the label are rendered accurately. Once again, Tekniseri’s extensive experience serves the customer’s best interest at all times.

Screen printing is at its best when printing large batches, which reduces the unit price of the warning labels to a minimum. In addition to polyester, screen printing is suitable for most other materials.

Digitally-printed warning labels individually if need be

The benefits of digitally-printed labels are the fast delivery enabled by the method and the cost-efficient delivery of smaller print batches. The colour palette of digitally printed labels is practically limitless and the end result is resistant to UV light, for example.

Durable warning labels

The place of application and purpose of use of a warning label dictate the selection of the printing method and label type. For demanding long-term use, the label material must withstand years of use and the challenges of weather and wear. There are many options and Tekniseri will provide its expertise for selecting the right material.

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