Machine and Identification Plates

machine and identification plates

Tekniseri’s high-quality, anodised, direct-printed or etched machine and equipment identification plates are corrosion- and wear-resistant and suitable for extremely demanding professional use. The machine plates are your product’s calling card: as our customer, you can rest assured that the plates will give a positive impression of your product. The machine plates can be manufactured from a variety of materials from metals to plastic. Tekniseri produces approximately one million plates a year, so we have what it takes to make your product shine!

Anodised machine plates for extreme wear

Thanks to the oxide layer protecting the text, Tekniseri’s anodised machine plates can withstand extreme wear. The coating of the aluminium machine plate shields the text from fire, vandalism and most acids and solvents. The layer even prevents corrosion. This means that Tekniseri’s anodised machine plates are also perfectly suited for machines and equipment that are in contact with sea water.

Direct-printed machine plates with a gloss or matt finish

Tekniseri direct prints machine plates onto metal or plastic surfaces with the screen printing method. Metallic machine plates are finished with a matt or gloss lacquer, which provides the plates with an impressive look and increases their durability against weather and wear. Like other Tekniseri machine plates, the direct-printed plates, too, can be supplied with adhesive attachment.

Etched machine plates ensure readability

Tekniseri manufactures etched machine plates from acid-proof and stainless steel, brass, copper and anodised aluminium. The plates are produced by utilising the contrast between gloss or matt surfaces, or by means of colour filling. The manufacturing method ensures that the text will always be readable and your product will have a calling card of first-rate quality and durability.

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