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Printings and markings on overlays are made on the back side of the film, and the film is cut into shape with a high-precision flatbed cutter. The surface protects the markings from mechanical wear and UV light. Overlays are an environmentally-friendly solution, and the material is entirely recyclable after use.

Durability with overlays

Overlays are used for marking equipment and machines, where the quality of the surface and marking must reflect the high quality of the product itself. The desired colour scheme can be selected for the marking to be screen-printed on the back side of the overlay. The print is protected from wear by a surface membrane. Overlays are perfectly suited for even the most demanding conditions where frost, rain, mechanical wear or unrelenting sunlight test the durability of the surface 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Tekniseri’s overlay and the back-side print marking are resistant to wear and increase your brand’s impression of quality.

Overlays increase usability

Thanks to their excellent natural resistance, Tekniseri’s overlays enhance the usability and convenience of products. The versatility of the overlays can be increased with impeccable design by Tekniseri experts and by taking into account the application and the users. With keypad overlays, we can emboss or print patterns or markings on the surface membrane to facilitate use and enhance the control operations of the machine in question. For example, the numbers of the keypad overlay can be made to protrude from the rest of the overlay to improve usability, or visually-impaired people can be enabled to control a device by supplementing the numbers with embossed braille characters.

The finished work is first-rate in terms of visual quality and feel. In addition, Tekniseri helps its customers define the right solution for their needs.

Overlays an environmentally-friendly solution

Tekniseri knows its responsibility with regard to the environment and to the environmental responsibility of its customers. With overlays, this means that we use a material that can be recycled when the product or marking reaches the end of its life span.

Tekniseri quality means responsibility towards the customers for the quality of the work, materials and the end product after delivery!

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