Die cut insulation

die cut insulation

Fast, cost-efficient and super-accurate CNC laser cutting enables the cutting of sheet-type materials into insulating materials, for instance. Thanks to the CNC control system, the shape of the product is entirely free, and the testing of different shapes in the prototype phase is really fast compared to the conventional technique.

Die-cut insulation minimises malfunctions

If you need to secure the operation of sensitive electronics or mechanical equipment at all times, the quality of the insulation must be first-rate. Dust, water and moisture easily penetrate the smallest imperfections in the insulation and disturb the functioning of the device. Tekniseri’s solution for providing die-cut insulation is CNC laser cutting.

CNC cutting is also more affordable than other die-cutting methods.

Insulation at lower cost

CNC laser cutting yields a wealth of benefits with regard to insulation. Because CNC laser cutting enables cutting complex insulation shapes into a single piece, the loss of cut insulation material is low and the number of work phases and insulation components is reduced. In addition, accuracy and quality are consistent throughout the entire batch of cut insulations. CNC laser cutting is suitable for most materials.

Insulation with machine precision

Tekniseri’s CNC laser cut insulation is always exactly as designed.  A design prepared with a CAD programme serves as the template that our CNC cutter adheres to with utmost precision, under the guidance of a Tekniseri expert. Lead-throughs and windows in insulation components inside equipment housing are exactly where they should be down to the last millimetre.

Reliable end result in insulation

The CNC laser cutter enables the easy and quick creation of prototype insulations before cutting the actual larger production batch, so as to ensure that the insulations fit. In this way, our customers can always be sure that the insulations will function in practice.

Additional information about the CNC cutting of insulation.

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