Tampo Print

tampo print

Tampo printing is a genuinely durable method for marking colour images on plastic products. Tekniseri's tampo and heat transfer methods have passed very stringent durability tests. The marking is resistant to abrasion, solvents, detergents, etc.

Precise tampo print

In the tampo printing method, the ink is pressed into the surface with an elastic pad that is usually made of silicone. The elasticity of the pad enables printing on uneven or curved surfaces. In addition, the properties of the silicon pads used for tampo printing lend themselves perfectly to applying small and precise markings on the desired surface.

Tested tampo print

Tekniseri has had the tampo print result tested in extremely demanding conditions, and it has passed with flying colours. As our customer, you can be sure about the durability of your product’s print marking even if the marking is subjected to abrasion, solvents or detergents. This means that Tekniseri’s tampo print markings are not only maintenance-free, since the markings never need to be reprinted, but dirty markings can be cleaned with solvents.

Tampo print suitable for many purposes

Tekniseri’s professionals will guide you in selecting the correct printing technique. As a rule of thumb, however, tampo printing is suitable for wear-inducing uses and environments. Machine plates are often located in places where they come into contact with fuel, oil or solvents. If this is the case, tampo printed markings ensure durability. Similarly, on the surfaces of equipment housing where active use puts the durability of the device markings to the test, Tekniseri’s tampo printing has been proven to provide lasting results.

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