22 maalis 2012

Tekniseri Group Oy Announcement

Tekniseri Group is focusing to its Core Business and sell Shares of Tarraserif Oy
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Tekniseri Group is focusing to its Core Business and sell Shares of Tarraserif Oy

Tekniseri Group is further focusing to Industrial Customers and prepare to support their
international Business. Most of Tekniseri’s Customers are equipment
Manufacturers and Subcontractors, many of them having operations on global
basis. Our daughter Company Tekniseri Suzhou Co.Ltd. will start  full service in China and APAC having
Printing Capability in place on second half of this year. It will clearly
shorten delivery time and increase flexibility as well as improve our cost
competitiveness. The Company will move to bigger  Premises in Suzhou Industrial Park in March
2012. Group is also widening product offering, Membrane Switches are already in
production and shipments ongoing.

Another business arm PS Print Oy is one of the leading Supplier of marking products to
Chemical, Foodstuff, Packing, Pulp and Paper Industries in Finland. Labels are
fulfilling Tekniseri’s product portfolio well too, Customer will get all Marking
Products from one Supplier, several large Companies have recognized this
opportunity of cost and time saving and consolidated their purchases to
Tekniseri Group. PS Print is investing in new Capacity and technology, Company
will introduce the new Printing Line in May 2012. On top of traditional Labels
new Line can print efficiently thin plastic foils and peel&seal Labels not
to mention further improvement in Services flexibility.

Tarraserif Oy is a local Manufacturer of Marking Products to improve Brand Recognition and
for Marketing purposes mainly to Finnish Retail Business and less to
international Industry. Therefore Tekniseri Group have decided to sell all
Shares of the Tarraserif Oy to Suomen Brandimainonta Oy, the Company founded by
Arto and TiinaTahkola. Agreement was signed on March 20, 2012.


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