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  • Tekniseri – printed value for your business

    Tekniseri Group, founded in 1985, is an international industrial contract printing company that is growing strongly. Our products are delivered globally to international industrial manufacturers.

    We have factories in Kempele and Pori in Finland, and in China. All our locations have sales, production, customer service and the necessary product support and design resources. The Helsinki sales office also supports our product development and stores finished products.

    All of our factories have their own specialized know-how. Therefore, we have the capability to offer our customers broad expertise and an extensive product range. Our head office is located in Kempele, Finland.

    Our long experience of a various techniques guarantees the best possible printing result on any surface. Over 800 active customers in 18 countries trust our precision and fast and flexible service.

    In 2017, Tekniseri Oy launched an International Expansion Project with the aim of making the company more competitive and reinforcing growth and profitability. The company makes significant investments in manufacturing, and invests, through recruitment and an emphasis on time management, on analyzing new markets and product areas and on developing operations. With the support of the local Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the company has been granted a European Regional Development Fund-supported project which provides significant financial support to make the project succeed.