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    Cost savings and efficiency through centralized purchases

    In the past, our customer purchased products from several suppliers. They had separate suppliers for insulations, labelling products and membrane switches. Because they wanted to make their purchasing more efficient and easier, they decided to centralize their purchases.

    Thanks to Tekniseri’s broad product range, we are able to offer them a complete service, including insulations, labelling products and membrane switches. In addition, our convenient buffering program suits our customer’s needs.

    A customer of ours that manufactures electronics for the medical sector, needs hundreds of products, some which are mass produced. Purchasing is more strait forward and cost-efficient when purchases are centralized. Our customer also noticed this: they now make cost savings because they order larger quantities from one supplier.

    Related to our buffering program, we manufacturer our customers products, then we store them in our warehouse in a large batch, from where we deliver the products according to their needs. When the buffer reduces, we manufacture more products and store them for our customer.

    During this cooperation, we have strengthened our know-how of product flow management and the optimization of efficiency and material use.

    Customized marking products and smooth service

    A customer we have served for many years recently updated the design of the front panels of the module they manufacture.

    Tekniseri was responsible for delivering the over-lays for the front plate panel, which the plate manufacture installed on their product. A third party was at the time been responsible for delivering the plates.

    However, some challenges arose in installing the over-lay, which affected the quality of the final product. The plate producer was not able to solve the problem, and therefore our customer turned to us. We started searching for a solution and manufactured a trial series for them, to which we installed the over-lay by ourselves. By using the process, we developed, we were able to solve the quality problem.

    Based on this, our customer, a manufacturer of industrial electronics, decided to transfer the over-lay adhesion to us: the front plates are supplied from our customers subcontractor and we now deliver the complete plates, including over-lays.

    The service has been customized to meet our customer’s needs. They have been satisfied with the quality and relieved that the work is carried out smoothly and without problems. Due to successful cooperation the service has been expanded to our customer’s Asian locations.

    During the cooperation, we have become more competent in managing larger processes. In addition, we have invested in laminating know-how and machinery, which are top-class.