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    Tekniseri Group offers a wide range products and solutions for all kind of printing work. We always serve your company in person and concentrated.


    Overlays are used in various applications, were markings and printed surfaces with high requirements on quality and mechanical stress are needed. Over-lays can also include openings and window areas were indication LEDs can be used.

    Membrane buttons, membrane switch

    Membrane buttons or switches, are switch panels manufactured of thin plastic film using printing technology. They are used in applications with low voltage and current, and where the switch has to be reversible.

    Insulations, sealings and protective films

    The fast, cost-efficient and extremely precise camera-focused CNC cutting system gives the possibility to turn different types of plastic sheets of various forms into e.g. insulations.

    Evacuation guides and warning signs

    Evacuation guides and warning signs, are printed signs designed for buildings, vessels and tunnels. The printed image can be of guiding or warning nature.

    Metallic machine and device plates

    Tekniseri’s high-quality corrosion-proof and durable anodized or directly printed machine and device plates, are ideal for demanding professional use. Many materials for machine plates are available, from a range of metals to various plastics. Plates can be cut to the desired shape and an adhesive may be added to the back side.

    Labels and device markings

    Silkscreen or digitally printed labels are usually made of environmentally friendly polyester. The material is specifically chosen based on the environmental conditions and our customers specifications.

    Printing on Mechanics

    We print on mechanical parts of various shapes and forms. The mechanical part can either be made out of plastic or metal. The printing process can either be silkscreen- or tampo-printing.